What's the meaning of the up and down arrows and the numerical values next to them?

Also can someone explain the "star" rating system and the import of the different colors?


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  • Stars are how high a question is ranked, 1 if it's dumb and annoying, 5 if it's wicked awesome and thought provoking, or 2-4, which nobody ever uses. Basically, if a question is ranked with stars a day after it's made the QA gets a little extra Xper (equal to the Star level, so long as it's more than 1 star).

    Up arrows and down arrows depend on whether you agree with an answer or find it offensive. If you agree with it, vote it up, the answerer gets an Xper point for it and the total goes up by one. Same thing for down arrows, if you find it to offend the very fiber of your personality, vote it down, but it doesn't have any practical purpose.

    Blue is for boys, pink is for girls. And level rankings each have colors, but those don't matter too much.


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  • the green ones, mean people like them, the red ones, people dont


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  • You get 1 xper for whatever upvote you get, you don't lose them from downvotes

    You get 1-5 xper from rating as well

    xper is like a point system which you get enough you can move up levels and get gift cards abd such

  • Question quality and you(QA) get 1-5 points based on the first rating.

    The other two are basically agreeing or disagreeing.

    • "Question is rated by another member within 24 hours of submission (+0 to +5)"

      I think you get +0 for a one-star rating, like.

    • But how do 1-5 work then? lol

    • i think 0 if you don't get rated at all in 24 hours

  • It's colour blind help.


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