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I went to a festival last is a 4-day annual festival that is run by a I was walking back home from it..I saw a girl from my street..heading towards it..with her boyfriend of course..but..she looked was the first time I had actually seen a LONG time..and as I looked over at her..she looked at me..smiled...and looked down at the ground..

So my question is..why did she do this..she has a boyfriend..and we have not seen each FOREVER...but she still did this..I do not "like" her..I just want to know why...


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  • She was probably just surprised to see you and if you were good friends at one point, happy to see you.


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  • I do it too sometimes, it's just something that is kind of courteous to the person you are dating. She was being kind to you by smiling and acknowledging you but she was avoiding a possible arguement by not making a big deal of it.

    • I saw an old crush of mine at the same festival...she did the exact same thing..I guess you are right...

    • Yeah that's my perpspective anyways, some other people may think differently.

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