Do white guys have no flava?

lol! I'm sorry but, I've noticed a difference between Asian guys, Latinos, Arabics, and black guys vs white guys. The minorities seem to have more flava. If you don't know (which means you probably don't have any lol) flava is a sense of culture and style. It's hard to explain, if you have it then you know what I mean! ;D White people just don't seem to have it like greenbean casserole wtf and just like the way they dance, or lack of dancing for that matter. Dance is a good example. Even Asians and Arabs who can't dance seem to just I don't know how to explain it some of them seem to just get it or understand it more. White guys are always so quick to say grinding isn't a dance because they don't have that Caribbean or Latin (or Hip Hop) flava and they don't know wtf grinding is really supposed to look like lol so they dilute the whole meaning of it by saying it's just sex with your clothes on and that's probably just because most of them can't do it correctly with style! This is one of the many reasons I would never date a white guy!

What do you think? What are your experiences?
well when you think about it, white people don't really have a sense of rich culture like a lot of I guess it makes sense


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  • Dam we even got people racist against white guys on here?!

    • lol! I'm not racist. my best friend is white

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    • I'm sure you do ;) hehe

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  • Do black guys have no intelligence?

    Do Asian guys have no game?

    Do Hispanic guys have no class?

    ...what are other examples of asinine racial "questions" posted on the internet, Alex.

    • Rahim517, who is Alex?

      There have to be a significant amount of people proving a stereotype to be correct before it can even become a stereotype.

  • Did you know : "The human heart creates enough pressure to squirt blood 30 feet''.

  • Don't argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.

  • I don't give a sh*t about "flava". So I'm fine without it.

  • This is such a stupid statement/question


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  • ''Wanna taste of vanilla?

    Better watch your tongue''

    • ...ok? lol

    • what I'm trying to say,is...well nothing,retarded Q's get retarded A's

    • bwahahahahaha lol!

  • hmm,

    I'd say every race has it's flava lol.

    White culture is always represented as being the more upper class, rich, successful, Beverly Hills etc...or dark, emo, rock and roll, metal, skater, etc...I'd say that's more of their flava.

    I think they have culture - maybe it isn't as bold as say minorities because we have roots and cultural aspects linked to various parts of the world. But if a White person goes over to Mexico, then that white person would be seen to have substantial culture linked back to American culture so...that's what I think of it.

  • italian white guys do. other than that I'd agree with you

    • OMG YESSS GIRL, THEY DO! Especially the ones in Italy!

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