Being told you look "good/nice"-- do you ever feel offended by it?

I know that may sound like a weird question but hear me out first...A while ago I was at my orchestra concert (I play clarinet)..and I was all suited up..I did not have time to go back home after it..which made me keep it on for when I was going to work...when I was of my co-workers told me I "looked nice" I was like "OK?..and your point is..." I thought to myself...well...should I not be "looking nice" everyday..why is it that I only "looked nice" on that particular day...

So my question is do you ever feel like this..when you are told you "look nice"..that you just are kind of off-put by it because of that particular reason... (any other reason?)


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  • youre making a big deal out of this. its a nice compliment from your coworker and for your coworker to say that you looked nice, it means that you look different to them in a good way and they like the way you look in particular

    • She was a lot my grandmas it was like getting a compliment from my grandma..

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    • vtartaurd... lol

      and I ask for locatio because in America to compliment someone is a normal thing. about the whole attractive person thhing, they get complimented daily because theyre attractive and stand out than others and deserve a compliment. For other people whose looks are standard, they get compliments when they stand out or sometimes people don't even bother complimenting them because they don't wanna seem weird

    • Hence my stop generalizing...

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  • Not being sexist but stop being a woman lol. Your making a big deal over thing accept a compliment and move on

  • Oh come on man... stop analyzing.


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