What should I wear for all this stuff? and how should I do my hair and makeup?

in the morning I'm going to see harry potter

then I'm running errands with my mom

after that I'm going to a party

at this party will be people I haven't seen in a year

they used to tease me for being ugly but I've gotten better looking since then

so I kinda wanna look good so they can see I'm not ugly anymore

i'm skinny with long legs

shoulder length hair

big eyes and lips

what would look good on me?


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  • For makeup do some gyaru eye makeup. It looks amazing and makes any girl hotter when done right. I like the dolly eyed tutorial by chichiyaz on YouTube. Sorry I can't remember it's exact name but it had "dolly" in the title. Use a good foundation if you have one or just concealer depending on how much help your skin needs. Add a light swipe of blush and lipgloss, I like deep pink gloss like urban decay's crush lip junkie. If you don't gave good bone structure then contouring your face would be great. This sounds like a lot so the key is to make it all really light except the eyes which are the focus of the look.

    Hair- if you have straight hair then use a straightener to make it extra sleek. I have curly hair and like to or my damp hair in pin curls then sleep in them. In the morning I run my fingers through my hair and it looks great. I have shoulder length hair as well

    As for clothes I don't know what your style is but I would recommend a skirt and nice casual top. Show off your legs, they sound like one of your best features. Wear flats or sandals during the day and change into heels for the party if it's dressy enough to wear them. No stripper heels, just 3-4" without platform will do it

    Hope this helps!


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  • it depends on skin tone your body type how you look how your hair is. lots of things are missing to know what you would look good in you would need a pic or something

    • i'm not high enough level to post links so I had to put spaces in ht tp://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/837/24357721100960748651319.j pg/

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    • DELETE THE SPACES. there's one between ht and tp and one between j and pg. delete those and it will work.

    • Im dumb didn't notice the space between j_pg lol. But id say nice shirt with shorts or soemthign like this ht tp://weheartit.com/entry/10225346

  • A new attitude..?

    • what's wrong with wanting to look good?

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    • i'm doing it because I don't want those bitches to make fun of me anymore.

    • Then you know you are doing it for the wrong reason..hence..my answer...

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