Favorite brand of false lashes?

Just want some opinions because I plan on buying a few more pairs soon. Right now I have two from urban decay but they're a little too expensive so I'm eying the ones by diamond lash. I'm gyaru and like somewhat natural looking falsies. Also what adhesive do you like? I'm thinking of buying some by DUO. Thanks for any answers!
Oh yeah and I like to wear synthetic lashes. I would be open to ones made of human hair but I don't buy animal products so no animal hair ones. Girls please answer! :)


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  • had to google gyaru lol

    • I love it, super cute :) but I don't like wearing circle lenses. If I did I would be an alien *-* what do you think of the style? I take a lot of inspiration from shirogyaru.com, the real girl shots rather than the high fashion stuff that has been posted recently. And I'm ganjiro, not gankuro. Don't find that tanned look attractive on me at least :)

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    • post a link of the hippie and romantic one. Or you other favorite ones

    • This link is good. I'm super jealous of that model's hair. Here's another link I love wearing clothes like those or shorts with a prettier top, especially if it has lace. Those are the best links I can find for now. They include the romantic and boho aspects well I think

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