What are men really looking for? And why do they like us?

What do guys really want from girls, is it just sex, a manliness boost, or what?

And what makes them like girls, just our bodies.. or is it more than that?


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  • It depends on the guy, and that guys age and experience.

    In HS age, most guys are more interested in sex. Most haven't had any, or very little, and their hormones and evolutionary instincts are screaming at them to have lots of sex with lots of girls, because that's what assures that the species survives.

    That doesn't mean all guys are completely that way (but all guys have at least SOME of that instinct in them). But in general, guys who are popular or "hot" are used to getting their way, and are much less likely to be interested in a relationship. The shy or geeky guys are much more likely to be looking for a real relationship, though they are hoping that it will eventually include sex too.

    As guys mature (and that can take a long time for many), they start being able to better appreciate a real relationship, but some guys never get there, and some guys, having had so little RELATIONSHIP experience are lousy at them.

    The thing is: it isn't hard to learn to tell the difference between these types of guys. It's just that many girls choose to ignore those signs and try to fool themselves into believing that a guy is one way when he is really another. Even worse is when a girl KNOWS a guy is one way and thinks she can CHANGE him to be another. That never happens, and she will end up angry because she failed to change him, but she set herself up for defeat from the beginning.

    The more you accept the reality of how guys are (and they are really pretty simple), the more successful your relationships with them will be.


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  • It says that you are in to p*rnography on your profile, some guys like that


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