I just got called into an interview for a job and have no idea what to wear?

I'm basically all fashion lol and I am a little unsure what to wear. My interview is tomorrow and I am so nervous. What do I wear?
Nah, I'm just working at a take away store lol. What questions are going to be thrown at me?
Thanks lol


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  • Just dress nicely, make sure you wear nice shoes, I'm sure all employers look at your shoes (shoes say a lot about a person :) )

    Suits and shirts say "I'm desperate" to some employers. The people try TOO HARD


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  • As long as you're wearing nice clothing, it doesn't matter too much. Just remember, it's better to be over dressed than under dressed.

    • Thanks, okay then cool. Phew, I panic too much. Thanks once again

  • If the job is for something like a restaurant, wear whatever you usually wear. If it's for something where you would have to look professional, dress fancy but not too fancy - pretty much wear what you'd have to wear at the job. Either way I know you'll look nice.

    • Oh, and don't be nervous! Just be yourself and be polite and respectful (obviously) and you'll be okay. You can do it :)

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    • Too kind :)

    • Haha yes you are too kind :P

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  • Dress shirt or blouse and nice, professional skirt, and dress shoes. I usually go for black skirt and shoes, and white dress shirt. :) No jeans, regardless of the color.

  • I'm assuming the job is also in fashion? Retail maybe?

    I would wear a below the knees sun dress in a solid color, closed toe pumps and a short cardi


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