Would you think a girl was lame for covering her eyes during a scary movie?

Me and this guy I'm talking to are planning on going to see a scary movie, but the problem is, I'm terrified of scary movies. The last time I watched one, I had to leave the room and I'm worried that he'll think I'm lame if I'm sitting there covering my eyes. I would suggest another movie, but again, I don't want to seem lame. I'm a pretty tough girl and not much scares me, but for some reason scary movies are my weakness. What are some tips you can give me to not be scared and guys- what would he think if he noticed I was freaking out a little?


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  • Um, you're not lame. I don't watch scary movies, I just don't like them, and most people are cool with that. Don't you want to be able to be open and honest with this guy? Wouldn't you rather he like you for who you really are?

    • Yeah you're right. I'm gonna go see the movie with him, but I'll take your advice and just let him know how I feel. I can't always be brave (: Thanks, I didn't even think about it this way!

    • thanks for BA, I think he'll think you're cute :) haha

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  • Lol.. I say there's only one real reason a guy will bring a girl to a scary movie.. Its to watch her be cute and covering her eyes.. Holding his arm as hard as she can.. Basicly cuddleing.. But the girl doesn't realize it.. And once its over..

    The cute blushing the girl does when you playfully tell her what she did during it.. In detail..

    Its not lame.. Its exactly what he wants.. So hold him as tight as you can.. And burry your face in his shoulder.. Trust me he wants it.. So this is your chance to hold him tight ;)

    • Awww so guys are like romantic sadists? How sweet (: Nah I'm kidding. If I really feel the need, I'll do what you said! But I want it to be natural, not fake.

    • Ok but show intrest.. The best way.. When you cover your eyes.. Turn his direction.. So your lookong at him.. This shows you see him as your protector.. Without touching him :)

    • Aw that's cute! Okay thanks! (:

  • To an extent its actually kind of cute. As long as it doesn't come across as a dramatic production every 5 seconds.

    • yeah, same, cute if not overdone

    • Oh okay. I didn't want him to be like, "oh gosh, what a typical girl." because I'm not meaning to do it! I really have a problem. But I know it won't be dramatic because I'm going to try to not be scared at all! Lol

    • Agree, cute if not overdone. Especially if she grabs me or something. Extremely adorable.

  • I would think it's really cute! If you get too scared you could use that as an excuse to hold his hand ;)

    • I'm so glad guys don't think this is lame. I feel so much better! And I like his hands (he plays baseball and hunts- they're manly and rough <3) so I might just take your advice! (: Thanks!

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