Is this basically how attraction works with girls? Yes or no?

So, after failing with women a couple of times, I pretty much devoted my time to figuring out what I was doing wrong. So, is this right for the most part?

"A guy should talk to a girl and get to know with her while occasionally making her laugh."


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  • yes and no... that's an abstract part of it, but there is so much more.

    women's emotions and choices are ... a lot more complex, yet a lot less deep then men realize. you have to play to her sense of desire for drama, chaos and the unknown...

    never approach a girl with a goal in mind... just talk, build rapport and keep her guessing. never leave anything final. women love being unsure... it makes them think about you, it makes them anxious and unsettled- the fuel for passion in the female soul.

    then just let her get swept up in a moment.

    don't bother listening to women explain themselves either, most of them are unaware of their own psychologies... its like asking a borderline to explain what makes them happy. instead, start observing other men who are good with women. they will teach you the road to el dorado, where the streets are lined with **** and gold


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  • Yeah, that hits the nail on the head; girls like a guy that can make her laugh.


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