Guys what turns you on?

I know you get asked this question a lot but I'd like to get more opinions...


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  • A girl that is self confident but not arrogant. We like a girl that is comfortable to throw on a ball cap and tshirt at a moments notice and go out this means she is comfortable with who she is and not concerned about what other people think. Yet at times can get dressed up and knock your socks off. Also guys like a girl that is tough enough to blow off a little boo boo when working or playing sports but on the other hand at certain times wants her guy to take care of her and tend her needs. There are a lot of turn ons for guys but the biggest for me is someone who is there own person and not a person that everyone else wants her to be!!! don't be had by peer pressure be yourself, it may be hard but it is well worth the effort and rewards you will get from it. You will have true friends and respect for being you instead of being another face in the crowd. Thats what a guy who will treat you good is looking for.

    • And if I was looking for a gf ( and not just what

      turns me on), I would say Just-a-guy's response would apply to me

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  • For me it is sincerity. Looks are the first draw because looks catch the eye. But if a girl is phony I can see through that right away. I like women to be relaxed and themselves around me, open and honest. A woman with a real personality, varied interests, and depth are what keeps me coming back.

  • Ok. Honestly? here goes...

    A womanly woman ( in the way they dress and carry themselves), the eyes really do it for me, um what else. Not being frigid lol that's a good one. Flaunting what they have.

    And on a slightly different note: Girl on girl totally turns me on lol

    There's a lot of small things that I'm sure are different for every guy.


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