How to be appealing to women?

Especially for guys that would be considered nice and quiet. Since girls seem to like confidence, what does mean and what are examples for guys to take note of to be better with women?


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  • if you are trying to be appealing for the pure joy of hooking up with someone then you should be outgoing in the sense that you aren't afraid to strike up a conversation. you need to be engaged and make tons of eye contact. then you can progress to touching and such depending on how things go. You should also be funny as long as it is natural. Don't be afraid to make fun of yourself and make a joke at your own expense.

    If you are trying to get in for the long haul, then the girl you are going after probably already knows that you are shy but nice. So, all you really need to do is push things a little farther and start interacting more, laugh when she is trying to be funny, bring up something she mentioned a few days or even weeks ago (when it is relevant), and same as above, be touchy and make eye contact.

    basically when you are comfortable enough to make eye contact, be touchy, when you make her feel funny, and when you are not afraid to make her laugh at your own expense, you become a million times more attractive to her.

    hope it helped

  • Being confident is knowing who you are being comfortable with it and not being to shy or afraid to be yourself and I mean that as corny and cliche as it sounds. Be the man with a plan and know where your going - take charge but don't be a control freak just give her the feeling that her man can protect her and lead her where she wants to go - make her want to follow you and be around you. Also tip? Being funny is thee most fastest way to get a girl - make her laugh and she will remember you and look to spend more time with the guy that puts her in a good mood. Compliments like you beautiful you gorgeous you sexy give her self esteem and she will come to you for that boost :)


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