How to keep beige blond hair from turning yellow?

I just had my hair highlighted for the fourth time this weekend and it is finally a nice light beige blond that I wanted. The thing is my hair turns yellow blond really quick. I like yellow blond but it doesn't work with my complexion. My hairdresser told me to come back in about three weeks to get toner in it if it starts to turn yellow - I was wondering if anyone has any tips for how to keep it from turning yellow in between appointments. Any good styling products? I have the hardest time finding styling products that don't turn my hair yellow.

Thank you!


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  • I'm really surprised that your hair dresser didn't tell you about blue shampoo, you just use it like any other shampoo (lather and rinse- you can even leave it in for a minute or so but its not recommended because it can cause your hair to turn blue if left in too long) but the blue tones down the brassiness. I've used it and it works great. brands I'd recommended are Rusk (which also sells blue condition) and if your looking for a cheaper option shimmer lights. you can find either in any salon, ask for help once you get there and they can explain it in more depth.


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