Do you think these jeans would go well with this type of coat?

here are the jeans link

and here is the coat



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  • That's a pretty sweet coat, lol.

    I can't see the jeans... "site error", but most pairs of jeans would go with that coat, of all fits, altho I personally think a standard fitting jean, or a slimmer fitting jean, especially, would look much better than a loose fitting pair.

  • Not something I'd wear personally but I think it works just fine. You might consider a darkish blue instead of the grey though. I think the grey jeans with a black coat might come of as sort of drab and neutral. Switching to a blue might add some color and make the outfit a little more eye catching. Just a thought.

    • yeah I was thinking the same thing myself with the grey, I tried the blue before and it didn't really suit me and I felt the grey might work a little better, thanks for your input though, much appreciated :)

    • Blue jeans with a black coat ? grey goes so much better.. (that's just me though..dont like blue jeans) imo. :p

    • 'Not something I'd wear personally', means, "I'm trying to be polite, but it's a disaster.'

  • You'd look like a cross between a geek and a gay!

    • Those are the BEST kind of guys!

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    • I'm not thinking about how I'd look, I'm thinking about how the QA would look.

      I'm being completely honest here: the QA is really cute and he has the style I look for in a guy. If I saw him on the street, I would approach him and ask him for his number (if I were single).

      I see guys that dress like that every day: link and I think they're really hot.

    • A lot of girls have pin ups of Arnold Schwarzenegger, too. H'ed look great in that outfit

  • Yeah, it'd look good.


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