When a guy looks at your shoes?

The first time I met him, he was interested and eyed me up.

It's been two months since then and today we walked past each other. But this time when he saw me, he stared for a minute then as we got closer he looked at my shoes as if they were weird. The girl next to him looked at me up and down.

I was wearing a leather jacket, simple jeans and black shoes? I had my hair out too. What is wrong?
Btw he's quite attractive, tall and athletic. I just felt like a complete idiot lol


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  • ahaha you seem normal to me, maybe the girl like what you were wearing..

    • haha the girl was looking at me up and down, if she was admiring what I was wearing, I definitely did not feel it. She looked at me when I looked at him :(

  • probably nothing, maybe he's just observent, or has a weird fetish/fear of feet haahaha

    • The thing is, when we first met, he seemed interested, in what courses I was doing at University, he asked me questions and seemed keen to figure out who I was. Because he was so attractive I got nervous and didn't really respond well. Could this be why he looked at me up and down that way when we walked into each other later on? Felt so embarrassed after him and that girl looked at me.

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