Where can I get burnout tees?

I want t-shirts that are made out of that lighter, softer material (as opposed to the heavier material t-shirts are normally made out of). These shirts are often looser and more flowy and will sometimes be kind of partially see-through. Most girls I see wearing these tops will wear tank tops underneath, and these shirts usually go off the shoulder.

I tried to find a picture but because I don't know what they're called I'm not getting back the results I want. I hope you all know what I'm talking about. I really want some, I just don't know where to find them.

Thanks for your help.

Thanks to madmisskelly, I now know they're called burnout tees:




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  • Are they like the "burnout tees?"

    They look like baggier tee shirts and are really thin. I got one at Gap, but its hard to find them so you just gotta keep your eyes open.

  • Michael star, splendid, bilby & moss, James Perse, theory

    Those are the brands I'm familiar with that seem to carry then all year round

  • Victoria Secret online store has it in many colors ;)

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