Opinion on short girls clothes

Kso, basically, I'm like 5ft tall, and I weigh 110

i'm tan brown hair and blackish eyes

i'm pretty chubby

and uhm yeah

so basically, I can never find clothes that are flattering

like some clothes at urban behavior work, but yeah, I have a 36B chest, a big-ish bum, and what I consider a large stomach

what is flattering?


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  • I'm 5 ft tall and about 110 lb. I find that I'm an xs in pretty much everything, and I'm not really chubby. I don't know why you think you are

    Everything is pretty flattering on me except super-tight shirts, and even then I really don't look bad, just average. I feel the prettiest in dresses, flowy tops, skinnies

  • i hear ya, lol finding something that's cute and well fitting is tough. but what would really flatter your body would be dark colored tops, and tops that are flowy and cinch right below your chest. these tops would show off your curves and make you look fabulous :) as for bottoms, still haven't figured out that one yet.. well I hope this helped! :)

    • aha, I like the flowy tops but my arms look maadd chuby in em =/

  • I'm 4'9 and 90 pounds done growing, like wtf, barley reach the top of the fringe


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