How should I dress sexy for an upcoming event?

I have a formal party that I need to attend and I have to dress up. but I don't really care about it because I am a tomboy. And I want to be kinda sexy with my hair and make up. So how can I do this? And it's just one night. I would like guys and girls to reply to this. And I'm sure that guys will tell me how to be sexy.

And don't be worried to tell me small details like makeup and jewelry and stuff. Thanks!


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  • I have no idea what you look like or how your body is so giving you tips on what to wear just for you personally is impossible so I'll just give you generalizations. First off being sexy isn't something you can buy/wear. You have to feel sexy, its all about confidence and how you present yourself. You can look the part but if you have no confidence or the right attitude then chances are not a lot of people will find you sexy. I'll take an example based on your username, you can't be a skater girl unless you fit the part and FEEL like you fit the part, right? Same thing goes for being sexy. The best way to gain confidence is to feel good about yourself and fortunately feeling like you look good is a good start to that. As for clothes, if you have curves then show them off. Since its a formal event I highly suggest no jeans. If you have nice legs then show them off with a short dress (something that is appropriate length for the event though). If you aren't happy with your legs then wear a long one. I suggest wearing a color that pops with your hair. Redheads look good in green, blondes go well with blue or pink, brunettes and black haired girls go good with just about every color that is attractive (meaning poop brown or puke green probably isn't a good choice). If you're pale and don't want to tan (I think tans make everyone look better but that's my opinion) then I suggest going for a natural looking makeup and picking light colors. Your makeup is usually focused on your eyes so pay extra attention to that. Purple as well as gold usually go good with every eye color but like I said since I don't know what you look like I can't really tell you specific things. One thing that is key to looking attractive is having trimmed/shaped eyebrows. Trust me, getting them waxed is worth the pain. Eyebrows that are groomed are the main focus on someone's face usually and they're said to be the "picture frames" for a face/good makeup. If your dress is plain then a lot of accessories would look good but don't over do it. If you have a lot going on in your dress then a couple bangles or earrings is enough. If you want more specific answers that are fit to you then message me (:


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  • put a cat on your head that always does it for the guys I know ;) (wink)!

  • Ohh just wear a nice top with tight jeans and heels :) I do that when I go out most of the time (or a cute skirt) and guys always tell me I look better than the overdressed ones :) hair and face is more important. And go with the mind set that you own the room, confidence is every thing. Have fun!


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