Would he go after a girl like me?

OK, I find this guy that goes to my school attractive even though he is the kind of guy I usually would avoid. He's a nice kid and all which is something for some odd reason I hate. I just dislike it when guys give me sappy compliments, especially about my blue eyes, and expensive presents for holidays. Seriously, I would be fine with them just spending time with me. When, guys do give me presents I would rather them act nonchalant about it and not act as if he is a god like one guy did.

OK, back to the guy. I don't know much about him except that he is really into sports and is nice to almost everyone. I think he is dating one of the blond cheerleaders, but that I'm not too sure on. Apparently, every girl from our town has had a crush on him at one time from what my friend told me when I admitted to him being cute during eighth grade graduation two years ago.

I'm kind of alternative for lack of a better word. I just act and dress as myself instead of trying to mimic what others do. Band and plain tees with jeans suit my taste and comfort more than dressy tops and skirts or designer jeans. When, I want to dress up for a school day I will usually throw on a tunic and pair of boots. I prefer reading over gossiping or conversation about subjects I don't care about. I tend to naturally be very quiet and when I do have something to say I keep it to myself from fear of being misunderstood. My humor tends to be very sarcastic. Appearance wise I'm nothing special. I have reddish dark brown hair with dark purple underneath along with pale skin and blue eyes. I'm short at the height of 5'1. I have multiple piercings, spider bites and nostril, and a tattoo on my inner wrist.

I seriously doubt he would go after a girl like me, but do you have any advice?


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  • i think he will as long as you are confident, and being shy is okay as long as you can hold a conversation and joke with him. Guys love down to earth girls. Who likes a gossiper in mall clothing? maybe that's just us because you freaked me out at how similar your description fits me. I dress like no one else, I was never friends with girls in high school, with the exception of those down to earth girls. I had straight up red hair and purple and blue but now I have red underneath and still kept the blue and purple


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