I always attract old men, which I hate!

I talked about my type of guy and how I never ever ever attract them. I like the sweet shy innocent types. You can look at the pictures in my profile that are my type of guy for sure. One is Sanjaya Malakar but the other two are of guys I knew in real life. I feel like I am not good enough for these guys because they are never attracted to me. I love everything about them personality looks etc. I always attract old men which I hate! Total opposite of what I want. Someone told me toning down my makeup would help but when I did less they seem to like girls with a more, a sort of artistic look. I would like to know opinions on why these guys never like me and old guys do or more dominate guys? Please help!


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  • Sweet shy guys don't normally hit on girls. They are too shy. If you are waiting for them to approach you, then its not going to happen. Also If that is the way you really look, it would be very intimidating, for a shy guy to go out with such a pretty girl. He would probably think you were making fun of him. Shy guys almost never end up with a pretty girl, and they know that. I think your best bet would be to try to become friends with the guy, so he feels comfortable. Or if the guy already as a female friend, see if she can't help set you up.

    source- I was one of those sweet shy innocent types.

    • i think that could sometimes be. I'm just going by my experiences I'm a nice person and I don't think I'm hot so maybe it's just hard

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  • ohh, so you're looking for an interracial relationship. maybe that's why you're having problems finding the right guy. Also you have preset molds for the guy you want, that's never going to get you anywhere

    • That's how girls are. They think they can order guys like off a menu, it's weird.

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    • I'm the sweet innocent type... but I'm white so you probably wouldn't be interested jk

    • it's nothing personal. You may be the most awesome looking guy around. I just prefer it that way. I wouldn't be insulted if a guy liked Asians only. Chemistry is a funny thing.

  • It's all in your head, I think you just feel nervous less around guys that you don't like and nervous around guys that you do like, which makes you come off as snobby to guys you do like and therefore scare them away even if they might like you. And I think I speak for most men that overdoing make up is a bad thing, it should be kept minimal and you should develop your own style of dress so you aren't just a carbon copy of all the other girls your age buying everything on the manikin in forever 21 in the mall. Go hit up grandma's attic and your local Goodwill sometimes you'll find clothes there that will give you a unique look. Now go out there and smile and make eye contact with the boys you do like. I gotta go because some dude that looks like Suge Knight just walked in and he looks pissed, oh there he is.

    • this is the most helpful one yet! I'm way more friendly now and I think it helps! I have a cool weird artsy ghetto style now. lol Thanks a lot ! :D

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  • Approach him, be his friend, understand him, flirt with him and always be yourself.

    • my shyness is my own worst enemy!

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    • This explains alot!

    • Good luck and be brave. Men don't all just go to you, that's why you need to take the initative for things you really want.

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