WHY can't he look at me now?!

This guy and I hang out at the same bar. I usually sit next to him at the bar and we chat about all sorts of stuff. He use to be able to look at me when we talked w no problem. Now, he still talks to Me the same and w the same enthusiasm (at least the majority of the time) now there's a problem. He doesn't look at me! He only glance just slightly and then he looks away quickly. Like I said, he's still interested in the conversation, we even laugh a lot and joke around. But WHY can't he look at me now?!


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  • He may very well be falling for you and is afraid that he will compromise the friendship if you find out. People who are holding back information or are lieing tend to avoid eye contact because subconsciously they are afraid that you may see what they are thinking. The old saying "eyes never lie" would be a simple way to put it.

    That or he could be afraid of leading you on.

    • He also can't joke w me in a crude way anymore. He use to and now he says it's too inappropriate and rude to do so. He gets embarrassed if I insist. He never had a prob w that before! I'm so confused!

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    • hood guy?

    • Good guy*

  • He like you. He's just starting to think more seriously. He gets nervous and doesn't know how to advance things.

    • What do you mean "starting to think seriously"...?

    • He's thinking about making you his girl.

    • I don't know about that...I'm so confused.

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