Tiny things your bf/gf/crush/wife/fiancee/husband/anything does that you find cute or love?

Really tiny things that you don't think most people would notice (especially not the other person herself/himself), but you do notice them and for some reason they make you smile.

Lol, one thing for me is that when she finds something really funny (online), she doesn't just say "hahaha" or "lmao", she says "hahaha lmao" or "lmao hahaha" :P. I don't know why but ha ha I've just always found that cute :P.

What about you guys?


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  • I love when he tells me he's on his way home but he's actually sitting outside my door knocking to give me a kiss goodnight! lol! so cute!

    It makes me smile when I see him hard at work at the business he owns! It's so awesome to see him just being him!

    HA HA! When he kneels on a chair like a kid and crosses his feet. He doesn't know it but I think it is so endearing! Makes me smile every time and I fall in love all over again! I still haven't told him that! LOL! :-)

    Honestly...the very thought of him makes me smile! He's amazing!

    • Hahaha awwww that is so cute! :D :D :D

      Lol that's nice.

      Lmaoooooo that's awesome. That's the kind of "tiny thing" I was looking for :D

      Aww :)

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  • When he's laughing at something stupid/silly, he wrinkles his nose just a little bit. Cuteness overload.

    His burp face is pretty adorable.

    WHEN HE READS IN MY BED. Oh god. Cute AND sexy.

    When he flexes his arm for me, even though we both know he barely has any muscle :3

    Um, when his penis "dances" so much that it bonks me in the face.

    • I laughed at all of those :P. Haha just wondering, why is reading in your bed cute and sexy? And lol the second last one relates to me a bit too much :P

  • There are little things that he does for me that I love...like when he calls me to make sure I got home alright or touches my face while we're cuddeling. One time we were in bed in the morning and he was fixing my hair to give me a new hair style. lol. (: He's cute.

    • Lollllll that's sweet but a bit funny at the same time (the new hairstyle he was giving you) :P

  • When I'm riding in the car with my boyfriend, he'll just randomly start holding my hand. Doesn't say anything, just holds it. That always makes me smile. And when he finds something REALLY funny, his laugh is different than when he finds something "sort of" funny. I think that's cute ha ha and most people don't notice the difference but I do. Lol

    • Haha aww that's nice :)

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    • Lol yea that's true

  • There are so many adorable things that I love! My guy has big lips ( I'm talking angelina jolie big!) and he has a habit of biting his bottom lip when he's nervous, his face just looks so cute and I can't help but smile every time I see him doing it! He also is an extremely amazing cello player, he's been playing for so long that he sits in "concert posture", ( feet planted squarely on the ground, head up, sitting forward on the edge of his seat, back arched) it's so silly and cute, and being a fellow cello player, it's even cuter knowing he's so serious about it.

  • I think everything he says or does is super cute just because it's him :)

    • Haha that's true. I know exactly what you mean. But can you think of any tiny things he does that most people wouldn't notice?

  • doesn't know what I'm talking about.. >:D and then he goes 'huh?' and I go 'LOL' xD

  • There are so many things I love. The top would have to be:

    1) when we're walking he randomly lets go of my hand and grabs me behind my waist

    2) when I try to fix my make-up he moves my hand away and does it himself (so adorable)

    3) when we're talking face to face and he just stays quiet stares at me and smiles

    4) when we're walking he randomly starts chasing me and when he catches me he kisses my forehead

    5) he makes random noises when I'm upset and it gets me in a better mood

    6) when I say something hurts, he carries me and kisses where it hurts (wherever we are)

    i could go on and on, but ill stop there =)

  • There are tons of little things that he does that make me love him even more (if that's possible). I love when he does this little crooked smile, when we are holding hands for a while and he randomly squeezes my hand and looks down at me with a smile. I love when he moves a piece of hair away from my face. But the best one ever was when he threw a small pebble up at my window (we live in the same neigborhood) and held up his phone, so I looked down at my phone and I had a text that said, "Come give me a good night kiss, beautiful." Best moment ever.

    • That's reeeeeeeeally sweet :D :D :D

      Mind specifying who "he" is? Your husband? Boyfriend?

    • Oh, sorry he's my boyfriend (:

    • Haha aww :). How long have you two sweetiepie lovebirds been together?

  • I like how he some times tries to come home from work to eat lunch with me.

    I like how he some times... plays Mario Wii with me.

    I like how he some times... tries to make time to spend with me.

    Stuff like that, and also how he tries hard to be "romantic" but saying really cheesy stuff.

    and he wouldn't disrespect me in front of friends/other people. I have seen other husbands disrespect their wife in public/people. I'm glad he doesn't do that to me :).

    • Lol at the cheesy stuff when trying to be romantic :P

      Sounds like a really nice guy :)

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  • the thing I find cute is when she licks the corners of her mouth with the tip of her tongue when she's in deep thought or just bored.


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