How to get rid off ''dots/bumbs'' on my throat?

It is called ''syringom'' in swedish, don't know what it is called in America, but I'll explain what it is

. It's ''nodules'' on the throat (can also appear in other parts off the body) and my doctor said the only way to get rid off them was to do a laser surgery. But they can't guarantee it will make the dots go away, it can even get worse.

So my question is, if any off you guys have the same problem, and maybe can help me to destroy them! They are very visible and ugly and lower my self-esteem very much.


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  • Skin tags would be what they're called. I'm reasonably sure that laser surgery is the only thing that'll get rid of them, actually. The only safe way, at any rate.


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  • You look hot so I don't care.


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  • if the doctor said laser surgery was the way to get rid of them.. then laser surgery is the way! very few of us on here are doctors.. so good luck getting another medical opinion


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