Looking at people's relationships?

I keep seeing relationships that I feel that people have settled for each other. Girls dating goon's, staying in relationships that clearly neither one is right for the other.

I don't understand it. I would never settle for someone I didn't want or was not working out. Some even stay together after they cheat. Some both cheat and don't ever break up.

Side note. Do girls date really goony looking guys because they won't cheat/get hit on by other girls?


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  • Yeah guys settle.

    Most don't get a girl that is attractive as they want.

    Most don't get a girl that is as pleasant as they want. Pleasant meaning pleasing him.

    Yeah girls settle.

    Sucks but most girls can't have a both a good relationship & good guy you find physically attractive and sexually appealing.

    It's either a good relationship or a good guy without the attraction/appeal.

    These girls are settling the wrong way by dating a goon because he won't cheat

    The right way is to for a girl to date the best of the guys that want her and not the guys she wants.

    That way she gets a good guy & a good relationship.

    When she learns to love him she'll get the attraction/appeal because she'll find him physically attractive and sexually appealing because she loves him not because she finds him attractive or appealing.

    • Yes I suppose I understand these reasons you've listed. It just baffles me as to why people who are in there early 20s are settling, you still have your whole life to live. I feel like there just giving up.

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  • I agree that's the problem though it's either one person or the other in the relationship that seem's like they can't live without the other. It's like really don't be depeding on him or her for your happiness it's sad.


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