Tips for growing long healthy hair?

I know the basics ; no curling irons and stuff, don't shampoo too often, etc etc.

I'm looking for other unusual tips, (like the scalp massager for example) so hit me with your best tips! :)


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  • Food:

    Eat lots of almonds, fish, dark green vegetables, and drink LOTS of water.


    You can use a henna paste on your hair(none coloring) twice a week for stronger hair.

    When in the shower, you can rinse your hair with beer which causes shine and softness.

    Cleanse your hair with lemon juice or apple vinegar to remove the buildup of product from your scalp.

    Every two-three weeks, take 2 inch sections of hair and twirl it around your finger so the split ends can stick out and cut them off. And to start off, cut off any dry, damaged hair because the split ends continue up the shaft and break(Actually making your hair shorter).

    Always put a protectant spray on your hair after your shower so that even if you don't use heated tools, you're hair is strong.

    If you swim in the ocean or a pool, mix in a bottle; 1/2 conditioner 1/2 water and spray it on your hair. It will reduce the amount of chlorine or salt water that becomes absorbed.

    Mayo is great if you want to strengthen your hair.


    Don't drink alcohol or soda because there are preservatives and chemicals in there that are basically poison to your body(it will show in the shinyness of your hair).

    Wear a hat outside. The sun does the same thing to your hair as it does to your skin.

    Try to reverse the conditioner and shampoo once a week(condition then shampoo). Conditioners can only be fully stripped from hair by using another conditioner to remove it. Even though it sounds weird, it actually helps keep your hair from being flat and prevents an access build up preventing your natural oils from becoming absorbed.

    Brush your hair with a boars hairbush once a night (not too much cause the friction encourages split ends) to allow oils to reach the ends.

    Sleep. It really helps everything about your body. It causes growth and stress relief.

    I'm growing my hair out too and this is what I've been told! My hair is halfway down my back so far. Goodluck:)


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  • My grandmother used to tell my cousins and also girls around me used to talk like. Use olive hair oil or Gooseberry hair oil to make them long and healthy. use oil on your hairs at least 2 3 hours before taking shower. and If you want to make them shinning and more silky, Use a mixture of egg with yoghurt on your hair for like 1 2 hours, and then wash your hairs.

    And I have seen that, it has really worked for the girls I know, and they all have a very beautiful shinny long hairs.

  • dont ever chemically straighten your hair for one.

    always make sure to cut the dead and split ends off

    if your going to brush your hair brush through it twice no more cause it will tear your hair out and cause even more split ends

    dont brush your hair with your fingers.

    I have really long hair and its very healthy because I avoid anything with chemicals in it

    hairspray[which guys don't use anyways]

    chlorine[ will destroy your hair even if you wash it out] if your gunna swim, swim in a lake or a pond.

    not a pool.

    • dont brush your hair with your fingers.

      why not?

    • itll tear out your hair and the dirt and oil from your fingers will make it dirty but will wash out so you only have to wry about ripping your hair out

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  • Certain vitamins can help:

    -Biotin.I do take these everyday,they do help.Unfortunately my hair is very curly so you can see the hair growth when I straighten it.It is known to help sin,hair and nails,but some people have said it can cause them to break out or worsen cystic acne.If you do begin taking Biotin pills,don't be freaked out when or if you pee highlighter yellow,biotin isn't toxic,it isn't fat soluble which means it does flush out.

    -Fish oil pills.I started taking these last year when I cut my hair(above my shoulders) and it...ugh...stupid short hair.Anyways,my hair began growing faster,of course,hair does have a limit as to how fast it can grow per month.

    I recommend staying away from pills that are directed towards "hair growth"

    Hair is made up of water and protein.Every strand is 1/8 water I believe,so make sure you drink enough water to stay hydrated through out the day.

    The best fruits and vegetables for hair are carrots,cucumbers,apples,bananas(1 a day,no more,too much sugar),avocado(no more than 2-3 a week),strawberries,tomatoes.

    Best foods with protein are almonds,walnuts,oysters,salmon,soybeans(edamame) in moderation,tilapia,oatmeal.

    If anything,try to remain stress free,eat healthy(fruits,vegetables and protein).

    On a side note,yes massaging your scalp is said to help stimulation of blood flow,which can increase growth.Many native indian tribes use Jojoba oil while massaging.

    So In short,my recommendation:

    -Biotin pills.

    -Fish oil pills.

    -Drink enough water to stay hydrated.

    -Take care of your hair externally.Shampoo,condition.

    Add: Try using sulfate free shampoo and conditioner



    My answer:)

  • Pretty much what people mention here, though I'll add to never dye your hair and use chemical free shampoo, something organic. Do research on harsh chemicals that will irritate the scalp and cause hair loss and stay away from those as much as possible. I've really long hair so I do need to keep up with the know-how in keeping it healthy.

  • Try hairfinity, it's a pill that basically has all the nutrients and supplements you may miss in your diet which would help your hair grow. Apparently in works check out the reviews youtube. You can find other hair growth pills on there too.

    • Prenatal Vitamins make hair and nails grow faster because of all the nutrients in it.

  • Just adding that you can buy pre-natal vitamins over the counter at most any grocery store.

  • Brushing your hair or massaging your head stimulates it so it grows a bit. Prenatal vitamins also help your hair and nails grow faster. As for product, use Moroccan Oil! It's amazing...I have curly hair so my hair is naturally more stubborn, this mends split ends, prevents them, makes your hair easy to brush out, gives shine, makes it super soft, anything you can imagine!


    I never go anywhere without it! It also depends on genetics and stuff. When you get out of the shower, don't take the towel and rub your hair like drying off a dog. Squeeze the towel around the hair. This prevents frizz and breakage.

    Hope this helps!

  • Rinse your hair with cold water (it keeps the shine, and reduces frizz)

  • As a kid, I had very thin hair...almost bald! lol

    I'm an Arab & we are known to have long healthy thick shiny hair. Do you want to know our secret? HAIR OIL !

    It's a mixture of different ingredients like Canola oil, Palm oil, Jasmine compound, Vitamin E & more.

    If you can purchase a bottle, you'll see miracle happening! :D

    My mother used this oil on me and ever since that age I had very thick long shiny healthy hair :)

    • Wow! Where can I find the oil? :)

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    • It's better than any hair product you can ever buy. It works magic (no joke). I was bald as a child lol. Now I have thick, healthy, shiny & long hair. Amla is a mixture of oils. It is known for years now. There are different products. Check this out link

    • See this QA link ;)

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