What look do guys like best?

Do you like the natural look (ex. lip gloss/ chap stick with little/ no eye makeup,) or the glam look(concealer, foundation, lots of eye makeup, etc.) or, the in between? (eye liner or mascara, lip gloss)


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  • Apart from eye-liner, anything else depends on the girl.

    • y so much hate on it?

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    • oh...i thought you meant it the other way around lol..

      im stupid...

      i'll give you a +1

    • hate to disagree with you, but some girls it does not work on, even if it is applied correctly

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  • I'm a simple guy to please.

    Something for the lips (gloss or lipstick), & the eyes (I have a fetish for eye shadow).

    As for foundation, etc...it's not needed. Funny thing was...once I said that to my girlfriend, she stopped wearing it, & she's still beautiful in my eyes. :)

  • Natural is best for me. Don't be one of those fake, high maintenance girls.

  • Hmmm. . . I'd say whichever one is happening over the better body.


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