How to look confident when you are the total opposite?

Hi everyone ...I need help :(

Soon school is gonna star and I wanna go ready with a new change in personality.

Am not horrible looking nither miss universe and am fine with that I don't think everything is in the look Because I heard that if you are confident you can pull anything (:

But that's my problem amm NOT.

And it gets on my nervs I wanna change don't be afraid of anyone or anything,don't wanna get blushed easilly how can I put this...

I wanna have strenght and control over myself don't wanna look inocent but not like a arrogant acctitude wanna look "fearless"

Any tips,advice anything that helps!

Thks (:


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  • "fake it till you make it" is a great phrase to live by here.

    Believe in your humor- make people laugh, laugh at other people's jokes.

    Believe you are engaging- act interested- really listen and ask questions

    Believe that you are smart- if you know about something that is being talked about, speak up

    As far as looks- wear things that you like, and things that you think look good on you. Do your makeup how you like.

    Smile, be happy, friendly and sociable. Happy optimistic people want to be around others who are happy and optimistic. So, if you act that way, more happy people are going to come around, and you won't have the time to have low self esteem when you are surrounded by happy people.


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  • This is REALLY cheesy, but strangers are just your future friends!

    Assume that no one is judging you negatively. If they are, you don't really want to be friends with them anyway and you don't need to prove yourself to them.

    You have nothing to lose!

  • Just accept yourself the way you are. This is you. No amount of plastic surgery or kilos of make up are gonna change that. You're gonna be dealing with yourself your whole life so better start accepting yourself. You don't have to be crazy about yourself. Eventually, you'll get around to the idea that you're special :)


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