Its not that I miss him it's that I can't stop thinking about him?

How do I stop thinking about a guy you miss but you're so pissed at you'd punch him as soon as you saw him?

I miss him, I'm angry at him, I'm a whole mix of emotions that aren't really helping so any clue of how to keep him off my mind?


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  • If its over then get him out your system. Allow yourself to be a little upset. Listen to songs that make you think of him, pull out the pictures, cry your eyes out. May sound strange, but after a few songs and a few tears you will finally start feeling better and not thinking of him so much. You start out with songs like "I missing you" then "So sick" and before you know it your listening to "Goodbye" by Kristinia Debarge! & "I hate everything about you" Three Days Grace :) Something about the way our minds work, if you keep trying not to think about him, it will be all you think about.. but if you say okay think away! and get out your system, you won't anymore. :)

  • Fins something else to do as a hobby so you won't think about him as much


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