Why does he only act attracted when I'm cute, why not when I'm sexy?

My boyfriend only acts attracted to me when I'm doing cute things. granted we haven't gone that far sex wise, but it's kind of a turn off to me whenever he doesn't notice that I'm trying to do sexy things for him (ex. shortish skirt with heels, or a clevaged v-neck) I don't know what to do...


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  • what I think the sexy stuff don't attract him and being a boy I can say that the sexy stuff is different for all the guys and not every stuff you wear is always sexy so try to look cute and you will be looking sexy too and try to read his mind what he wants

  • The cute stuff IS what is sexy to him. Are you sure you're doing "sexy things" for him? Sounds like you're doing them for you.

    • i do them because I want him to get turned on...and I guess it is partially for me, I want him to want me is that bad?

    • Sounds like you know what turns him on. Do that stuff.

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