Which pair of sneakers do you girls think looks the best?

I can't decide on which pair of sneaker to buy. If you want to know what I'll be wearing them with just think of casual clothing. Jeans etc. I'll like you know you girls think about these sneakers. I'm a guy btw.

First pair: gucci.com/ca-en/styles/221825ADFX09060#

Second pair: ysl.com/us/en/onlineBoutique/Men/Shoes/Casual/P-High-Top-Sneaker-in-Tan-Leather.aspx

Third pair: ysl.com/us/en/onlineBoutique/Men/Shoes/Casual/P-Mid-Top-Sneaker-in-White-Black-and-Grey-Leather.aspx

If you don't like any of the sneakers then what would you recommend? I never liked Vans

Please don't just look at the sneakers. Try to imagine what they would look like with a whole outfit. Dark blue,black jeans, t shirts, sports shirts etc.


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  • I'll be honest, I find all these shoes ugly. I'm a Converse and Toms girl.

    • Shoot! On my touch phone, accidentally hit down instead of up! ;( I love my Converse. :D

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  • They aren't my type of style, but if I would choose, it would be the third one- the YSL mid top in white/black. And, I gotta ask- are you really gonna pay almost $500 for them?!

  • i think the 2nd pair is very nice.. I can see you wearin it with jeans with t.. smart pants with button top..


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