Tips on making an approach whilst your working, girls? please?

So there is a cute store cashier that works at a female shoe store near my work, I'm tempted to go up to her and talk but don't know what to say?

I have caught her looking at me a few times (once even pointing me out to her work friend), though this could be cause I've looked over at her (she's really cute lol)

What is a good topic starter for first convo, I want to make sure I like her personality at least a bit before I ask for number/coffee/movies, etc


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  • Well, I'm a pretty good flirt so I can help You out :) Remember to look great because women have a really eye for detail. You should want to talk to her about her interest but since you don't really know her, that step won't help you much. Maybe ask about a shoe sale or a brand of shoe and ask her opinion on it and lean into a convo. Honestly it's that easy. ;)


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