Do you ever notice the amount of people who wear make up wrong when your out?

I have noticed it a lot lately , the orange face and pale neck. I often wonder how long it takes to put some much make up on their face it looks so wrong. I was one of those people til about a month ago when I went to the Mac counter and got a make over. But its shocking the amount of girls who think more is more , when really we all know the natural look can be the best look. Or if you have the whole Gothic look going it can still look good. But lately I keep seeing girls with way too much make up on their skin and make up that's too dark ,.Make up is meant to enhance your natural features not make things worst. What's your opinion ? Is it just me?lol


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  • I don't notice it unless it's a big obvious thing. I am not a good makeup person, I usually just wear mascara and maybe on the occasion some eyeliner. I don't worry about experimenting, because very little makeup looks good on me. I just stick to the basics. But I go to college and see tonnes of girls with the orange skin, or they are white, but their skin is so dark from tanning that it looks bad. Because along with that, they cake on the makeup too :S It's surprising the amount of girls who do that, because I know guys hate that look :P It looks ridiculous.

    Some girls use the makeup I think to hide what they see as flaws. Or they feel that caking on the makeup makes them look better? I don't know but I would rather go with a more natural look, than be unrecognizable when I take all the makeup off :P


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What Guys Said 2

  • No, but I do notice when people use the wrong form of 'your.'

    I wonder what that says about me.

    • oh man I keep doing that "-you are "not "your" oops , thanks for pointing that out !

  • yes, I've noticed it.

    but the worst thing is that I see that on 10 year old girls. Which is very wrong.

    but hey , who am I to question them?

    • That's when they are make-up crazy lol they think it makes them look older and more seductive haha

    • yes, they are 10. They can't be like that . But anyway , what do their parents do ? sleep?

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  • Yes yes yes

    It's disgusting! I'd rather not wear make up than apply it so frivolously and carelessly!

  • Yea...I notice a lot of things about people, their flaws, mistakes, and the good things I don't know I think it's a bad thing though...


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