What do you think of female trends?

Guys, What is your opinion on women's fashion and things in that topic? I've always gotten mixed reactions from guys with things such as:

- skinny jeans vs. boyfriend jeans, or flare.

- Red lipstick and dolled up makeup vs. natural no makeup look,

- big heels vs. flats or sneakers

- hair up vs. hair down and natural

What's your opinion or preference on these and other things you find attractive on the members of the female sex? Where is the line drawn between sexy and sleazy?


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  • Sexy is knowing you look good and being confident...sleazy is acting like you are better than all the other girls...only we decide if you are better or not..

  • Some simple skirt (or tight jeans, or those tight shorts) and some simple topic or blouse on a girl will get my attention. Simple girls usually get my attention quickly, at least positive attention. Doesn't matters to me if she's wearing sneakers or big heels, it's up to her to decide what's more comfortable for her.

    If a girl is overdressed, always wears those "brand name clothes", is wearing retarded set of colors which makes her look like a walking rainbow, has too revealing clothes and so on, I usually see her as an attention whore and waste of time.

    Makeup? Usually I can't even tell if a girl is using makeup or not. If a girl has more makeup than Norwegian death metal bands or clowns, that's way too much.

    Hair... I simply prefer them being clean and in natural color.


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