GUYS 30-45: Does a (pretty) woman who wears longs skirts & has long hair get your attention a different way?

Does it make you think she is probably more old fashioned with conservative morals? Would you be more likely to think she looks like "wife material" & think more "highly" of her?


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  • Well, I know my dad, who's in that age range, likes women who are covered up (long skirts or trousers) and long hair. But he's not gonna see her as wife material, he's not that guy, certainly not now. And he wouldn't form preconceptions about her morality, I don't think. He's definitely not conservative at all himself so I doubt he's gonna wanna guess a girl is conservative, just because she wears clothes the way he likes it. Get me? But I can't answer 100% on behalf of him considering I'm not him, ahaha.

    We have this argument, he says he thinks a 'Womans body is a temple' and I say 'Temples are made of marble.'


    Me, I can't make assumptions based on simply long skirts and long hair. That can extend from Gypsies, who round here are tough as f*** and strategically amoral, 20th century spiritualists, who are extraordinarily untraditional and never conservative, and staunch Brethern churchgoers, who are *bred* to be wife material and nothing more. It depends on the way she presents herself, carries herself and how she talks.


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  • Why is this geared towards men of 30-45...while you are only 25-29..creepy?

    • No, not as creapy as it sounds--I have a reason for asking, but would rather not tell the whole story on here. Younger guys can feel free to answer, but in general they are much more shallow in what they are attracted to, etc. that's one reason for asking the older guys .

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    • If you don't want people getting involved then do it in private, not an open forum where I will answer as I see it.

    • Is that not what I just not get involved...!

  • I just think it looks really nice. I don't assume anybody has high morals these days.


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  • That is very similar to what my mom wears except she keeps her long hair in a tight bun and she is kinda overweight so she's not pretty.

  • To me this sounds like a witch. Haha


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