Is it easier or harder, for attractive people to make friends?

My best friend is going to move to another country soon, she's really scare about moving because she doesn't know anyone and she's going to have to start from zero.

But I said to her not to be worried because she is extremely gorgeous and people would probably talk to her and she said that things aren't that easy.

So I was wondering am I wrong, or something?

When you see a attractive person don't you want to get to know them, and be close to them?

P.s This is what I think I'm not attractive at all , actually I'm kind of under average, I believe gorgeous people have it easier in terms of social relationships


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  • It is easier for pretty people to make friends.

    I used to be unattractive. I dressed in very unflattering bummy clothes, didn't do my hair, my skin looked rough..I was just not cute. Most people weren't interested in interacting with me or being my friend. But when I dress nicely, do my hair and look cute then people are friendlier to me. I'm naturally cute but anyone is gonna look horrible if they put in negative 3 million effort. So yeah being attractive does draw people to you, but you can also get a lotta haters too. Luckily the admirers are in greater numbers than the haters. Plus other pretty girls will be more likely to befriend you since pretty people usually hang out with other pretty people. Guys of all attractive levels will be nicer to you, but she'll more than likely associate with attractive guys since attractive people tend to stick together


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  • From my personal experience ( as in, knowing really attractive people of both sexes), it's easier to make friends, but it may be a little harder for them to make real friends. Ones who care about them for more than their social power and looks.


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  • People are more drawn to you if you attractive but you have to have the personality to back it up. A lot of times people are interested in me for a minute because of my looks but I tend to be shy so I end up getting ignored after a bit =(


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