Torn between two frames of mind?

There is a cute cashier girl that works at a female shoe store near my work, I want to go up and talk to her, it's a fairly busy store with 1-2 workers on at a time, so she is rarely by herself or free to talk, I went in there once already but it was filled with customers shortly after I entered so I only got to ask 'hows work been today?'

should I make it quick and direct approach or should I go in there a try and make it a small convo?

I know she has at least noticed me, as I have caught her looking over at my store (once even pointing in my direction to a work friend)

I'm torn between direct approach like:

'Hey, so I should have asked you this last time, but did you want to catch up sometime for coffee of a movie, my name is ***** by the way'

Or start up a short convo and hope the store doesn't get busy?


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  • This is quite a tough situation your in. If I where you I might try catching up with her maybe at closing or opening or something so that you can have a conversation without it getting busy. I've never really tried asking a cashier out so I really don't got much advice lol. I wish I could help more but it's hard to decide whether it be awkward to them or think your a creeper or something. But hey I've taken weird shots before for a girl and gotten them. So maybe you'll get lucky, if she's pointing at you to other friends than it's always a good sign she notices you. So why not bring up a quick conversation sometime when she's not busy like opening or closing or something. Just go up "Hey my name is, I noticed you while working at the store across the street" etc anything just break the ice and see what her response is. If she seems like she wants to get to know you than there you go ice broken and start it. If it doesn't happen and she's like "yeah nice to meet you" or some stupid crap than just move on man, at least you maned up and tried.

    My brother has done it before with a cashier though and so that's where I am getting this advice from, I just say catch her at a non busy time and just break the ice and see where it goes. If she's noticed you before it's normally a good thing.

    Hope for the best man.


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  • I bet she realizes that you like her and knew you must have gotten nervous. If you think she might like you back you should say what you planned BUT cut out the 'I should have asked this last time' part and just ask if she wants to go with you for a coffee/movie/etc ^_^

  • You can ask her if she goes to school around your area cause she look familiar or you can ask her how long you've been working at the store. That's all I got lol, good luck though

  • you called it well, way hard to tell but I'd say it's more on the uninterested side since she didn't react to your smile.


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  • Do you have a pen?
    Me: Yeah, and I’ll let you use it to write your number down for me.
    You: Tonight is your lucky night
    Her: Oh really? Why is that?
    You: Because you finally got to go out with me
    Her: Sure!
    You: But no touching… I… do all the touching!
    How old are you?
    Hey, I like your hat. Where did you get it? I’m going to Mexico in a couple of months and I’m looking for a good sombrero. It gets awful hot down there.
    Here’s my number, let me just write it down for you
    Are you the girl my mom always asked me to stay away?
    Have you ever driven in a Ferrari before?
    Her: *as she’s walking to the car* No
    Her: I thought you said you drove a Ferrari
    Me: No, I asked you if you’ve ever driven in one before


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