I don't like him but I can see me liking him?

I don't like him but I can see me liking him I don't know haha..but after we had sex later on he said text me..holding his phone up...last year this happened to a cute guy said the same thing and I did...and he never replied besides a sup...whatever..so what does that mean. don't say he got what he wanted hahah


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  • oh gosh do girls have no more morals anymore... sex should be important to you

    should be only share with someone you love and care. might as well be a p*rnstar

    and make money if you wanna sex so much. but ill tell you the truth

    they obviously got what they wanted

    guys aren't looking for the easy

    they want that chase. the reason your special.. etc

    • not mad at all..but F*** THE chase...u guys hate that sh*t and it makes girls look f***ing all that and stupid..and no I m not stupid to have sex with him ha ha or anyone...u must be a virgin..i jus love it excuse me if I want it...just saying

  • You had sex with someone you didn't like? You're a whore.

    • suck my p****...hahah

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    • ur jus jealous you never been laid...hahah..neither hoe or slut..

    • Regardless of what you think (and I doubt you think often or well), you're definitely promiscuous and most likely a worthless a**hole.

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