If you like a girl...

and you glance over at her every so often, what would you prefer:

(1) have her acknowledge you looking at her, and look back every time she sees you doing this.


(2) have her look at you every so often when you look, but make its possible for you to look without being caught.

which one? or other and please exsplain.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Id choose number 1, because then its a cat and mouse game of me trying not to be caught. Also it shows that she is at least interested enough in me to acknowledge me lookin at her! Mostly the cat and mouse game though, its good fun!


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What Guys Said 1

  • i wanna hid it.

    yet get caught at the same time haha

    then see how she reacts then after that make a move on her


What Girls Said 1

  • Bat ur eyes and touch ur hair. Fix your beautiful hair. :)

    • Seriously?

    • Yeah, it's kind of hard to bat your eyes intentionally since it happens so fast. But definitely touch your hair. There is a lot of science backing me up on that one.

    • It's a personal move, there is a thing that girls touch their hair when they're being flirty. You can have the attention on you if you have pretty hair and you're fixing it. Hair in primates shows which of the primates is the best one because all the other ones fix that one's hair.