Do you have any big turn offs that are common things the gender you like wears/does?

The only one I can really think of is boots. I hate them.
Random number best answer.


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  • At first I just really am turned off by

    1. smokers, and pot head. My guy is one but he TRIES to not be one... :S

    2. Guys who wear clothes like they found the clothes in the trash and they look like poor ghetto type people. I would rather my guy wear business casual

    3. I don't really like the large giant skater shoes that are larger than a guy's head

    4. I don't really like the "dr. martin" boots because that's so reminds me of my HS days and trying to be "popular". Now a days I wear converse all stars, which I should have worn in my HS days but I was wearing addidas superstars to fit in. AGH

    5. jeans that have a million holes in them that he would get kicked out of the army defac if anyone saw him wear it, it's not allowed

    6. if he smelled like body odor or pee

    7. if he swears too much

    8. If he has way too many jewelry, you know? 5 ear piercings, nose piercings, lip piercings and maybe some UGLY necklaces that make him look like a gangster wanna be. I personally NEVER wear jewerly

    9. if he looks gay (makeup, nail polish, and pretty eye brows with mascara on... hello! no need for that...)

    10. I don't really care for the hobo look, where the guy's hair is past his waist and he has a huge beard.


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What Girls Said 6

  • skinny jeans.. HATE

    I don't want to see your BOXERS!

    Don't smoke man, it smells disgusting...

    Wear deodorant...

    Oh, I HATE HATE HATE sleeveless shirts

    HATE man purse, ,

    Don't wear make up...

    Don't dye your hair

    Don't paint your nails...not even black or transparent... no...*Clean them though*

    Don't touch your hair so much, it's alright..

    (Don't like metrosexual men)

    Don't try to sound sexy with your voice, just be yourself!

    Don't act diff to impress me, JUST BE YOURSELF.

    • Oh I forgot, don't like long hair on a man (anything below your neck)

      Don't like piercings and hate tattoos

  • Skinny jeans, smoking or drinking excessively, long hair, guyliner aaaand that's all I can think of atm.

  • i hate headbands and puka-shell necklaces on guys so much...words cannot describe how much I hate those two items.

    • Those are common? Gotta be your state or city. lol

    • oh crap, I totally didn't read your question properly... :p

      common things... I guess guys in skinny jeans... I really don't like that look.

    • LOL Fail.

  • gauges

  • Smokers

  • scarves. I have guys who wear them


What Guys Said 2

  • leggings but more so on not skinny girls, especially when you can see their ass in it, not really flattering

    wearing flowers in their hair, just annoys me for some reason

  • Girls who smoke. It's something I just can't get past.


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