How can I tell if I'm getting her excited?

I like to be very flirty with this girl whenever we get together. We haven't told each other we like each other but our bodies do a good job saying what our words don't!

I like to scoot real close to her, she lets me. I like to have our legs touching and sort of rubbing on each other a little.

I get real close to her, let my hands rest on hers, just brush my hands on her legs, knees or thigh.

I think she likes it cause 1) she lets me.

But she also gets quieter and she drops her pen and does other clumsy stuff, is she nervous and excited? She also like sits up straighter and like points her breasts out more (lol), and I think she's trying to flirt back, but she seems clumsier and quieter and giddy (we start laughing a lot over small tihngs). I''ve never done this with a girl before and I just want to get her excited ;)

What else can I do to get her excited, be seductive? And how do I know if I'm doing a good job?


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  • The key to getting a girl excited is by giving her just enough to get her intrigued. Touch her one time, real quick, on the small of her back (lower back) or even her waist. Compliment her on something she's wearing, or how she's wearing her hair. Point something out about her that "just a friend" wouldn't notice. Don't overdue it, leave enough mystery to get her excited.


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