New girl that caught my eye?

Ok there's this girl I saw last Tuesday she was just my type, I was with my step dad so didn't wanna approach. This is where she apparently works and I heard her ask me to move over a bit (she works at a restaurant) fell in love with her voice without saying a word to her >.> Ik weird. Moving on though we are probably going to that restaurant later today, so I want to get her number because I'm not sure the next time I'd see her and don't wanna really miss this chance. Mind you I've never spoke to her before I'm sure that'll make a bit of a difference? also, how do I find out if she's taken without making it to weird? Further more, I'm out of the state where I live but I'm considering coming back to this place indefinitly if anything happened with me and this girl so yeah, advice is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.


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  • This happens to me all the time :)

    Try to notice if she remembers you ... She might smile or something. Then just approach. You will know if she´s taken very soon - she would say she has a boyfriend or she´s not interested.

    Good luck!

    • thanks I'll do that should be leaving there in a hour

    • let me know how was it then :)

    • went great I got her name how long she was working there grade age etc I even asked her to go to the movies, turned out she had a boyfriend but she seemed really into me I guess because for once I was outgoing :p

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