Ways to dress 'sexy' without looking 'slutty'? And how do guys like girls to dress around them?

I want to look sexy but I'm worried about showing too much skin and looking slutty? Any fashion ideas? Also how do guys like to see girls dressed? What would make them think about a girl in a good way?


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  • Okay, this is a little hard... here, I'll try to explain. Certain types of clothing seem slutty, while other types show off tons of skin but don't seem. Ever seen the Jessica Simpson music video for "These Boots are Made for Walking"? She's got like short jean shorts on, etc. That outfit is sexy, but doesn't seem as slutty. Or like Mila Kunis in "Max Payne." She's got some neat black outfits that are sexy but don't seem slutty.

    Now, or opposite examples.

    If you've seen "Hitch"? There's a scene in a bar where Hitch gets a girl to follow him by handing her cash and ordering a drink. Her outfit is classy, but slutty. Too much cleavage.

    To try to summarize it, it's slutty when it's too obvious you're deliberately trying to show off your breasts or your butt or whatever.


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  • There is no such thing as "looking slutty"...


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  • I really don't try the sexy look just very subtle... How I do it is tight clothes, no clevages...

    Like tight jeans wrapped tops ... But the trick to not go overboard is if you are showing boobs don't show legs and vice versa...

    I guess guys can give you better help :)

  • looking sexy is all about "attitude" and posture.

    A person can wear a really sexy outfit but if she doesn't have a smile on, and she is slouching, and her face wears a scowl do you think men would think she is attractive and sexy?

    On the other hand a girl may wear just a plain white t shirt and maybe some blue jeans and she might have a huge smile on, her posture is that she is sitting or standing straight up and her attitude is that she is inviting and giving.

    Who do you think will draw more attention?

    It all depends on your attitude.

    Truthfully I think Cameron Diaz is really sexy, try wearing clothes like how she does it in "what happens in vegas stays in vegas" with Ashton Kutcher, or the other movies like "There's something about mary"


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