21 and I have to HIDE my alcohol now, advice?

First of all, I am 21 and am legally able to drink.

I don't drink often, and I go out maybe once a week, maybe twice a week tops, but more likely like, every other week.

I want to be able to have some alcohol at home, so that maybe I can have a drink and read, or write or just relax with a gin and tonic, or whatever. My intent is not to get drunk every night, but to just relax.

My parents drink and they know I drink- that part isn't a big deal.

However, for my birthday, my brother bought me a bottle of Gin that I kept in the cabinet in the kitchen. I didn't end up having much of it, but now its almost all gone- because my father has been drinking it.

I want to hide my bottles now so he can't get to them, because he will, and he will drink it.

I don't want to just put it in my closet and have them find it, because they would then be convinced I have a problem.

Im condidering getting a fancy hatbox type thing (you can get oblong type ones) and stashing it in there and putting it under my bed or in my closet.

Has anyone else had to do this and do you have any ideas?


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  • Well honestly I keep my drinks in my room. They are in my closet. I honestly didn't care if they thought I had a problem because I know I obviously don't XD. But anyway, hiding them is still risking you getting caught hiding it regardless of how good of a spot you put it in. You can ask him not to drink it? That's probably your best bet.

    Also drinking doesn't go well with reading... well... actually anything that requires comprehension of any kind doesn't go well with drinking, haha.

    • Ive had a drink and read. I'm not talking getting drunk and reading, but having a gin and tonic and reading.

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  • Keep it in your room. Or if he downing your alcohol, then call him out on it and ask why he's taking all your alcohol, not paying you for it, and you aren't getting it.

    But that could start a lot of crap over something minor, so I'd say hide it in your room (in your underwear drawer if you have to).

    • Underwear drawer is a good idea, I would be worried about my mom being like "hey I think you have a pair of my panty hose, let me go look in there..." and then grill me on why I have the bottles. Although at that point I could just tell her what's up.

    • Yeah, plus unless they have a legit reason to look in there (like the one you just said), then they have no reason to be in there. That should be the deal with your whole room though.

  • Sure I've had to hide stuff but not so they wouldn't use it lol. I don't see why they should be able check your room anyways but if you feel the need, get a compartment like the one you were talking about to hide your alcohol in. And why doesn't he buy his own? lol

    • Because my mom watches his alcohol consumption like a hawk, and rightfully so, he can drink a bit too much at times. Like the other day he siad he drank some of that gin while my mom was in the shower.

  • just get some natty light, he won't be able to drink that lol

    • lol Gross. It's funny how you start on sh*tty beer then discover that the other stuff is actually worth the money.

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    • calling him out on it isn't going to stop him from drinking it I don't think, and its going to cause a problem. I would just rather hide it.

    • just hide it in you room lol

  • Right. Hide it in plain sight, by putting the alcohol in a pepsi bottle or something lke that. I had to do this for years when by brother in law came over!

  • The trunk of your car. lol Unless your dad goes in there for some odd reason.

    • Nah, I want it in my room. That way, I can go to the kitchen and pour some OJ, or Tonic water, and look inconspicuous and then pour the alcohol in my room.

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    • Not if its under my bed or in my closet. If they go into my closet for something (I don't see why they would) they wouldn't think much of the box.

    • Oh OK. Guess that works then.

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