Guys; what are some cute things girls do that you like?

like when she thinks you are not watching what are things that girls do that you think are really cute?

(I want to know so that I can do them when the guy I like is looking at me nd he thinks I don't notice)


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  • Actually, idk, don't you want them to be more directed at him? I mean, you notice him even in a small way, just so he can tell that what you are doing is intended for him? If he dIdk, just wondering. They don't have to be anything big, just smile, a small laugh, just bat your eyes at him and small blush then look away (definitely a score!). Just be a bit flirty that's all. Nothing big. Hope I helped, let me know! =)

    • Yeah thanks, I can't really make myself blush hahah, but I usually make eye contact then look away

    • That's fine, don't worry. That's all you need to do, just blush at him, give him a wink, smile or whatever and look away. Looking away after you blush leaves him looking for more and is a bit mysterious. You'll do fine, you got the confidence!

  • lips are so cute for me just lightly lick them but mainly touching them with your fingers also playing with your hair is cute


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