Maintaining eye contact

What does it mean when a guy is talking to you and he keeps eye contact with you? LIke he doesn't look away once, he is staring right at your eyes?

sometimes he looks away but lately he has been holding my eye contact.


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  • I sometimes do that to a person when I'm trying to read them.

    Whether I like her or not, it's just what I do when I'm trying to figure someone out and anaylize when they're saying and how they're saying it. They say the eyes are the portals into the soul.


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  • I would do this to girls I like to try and show I'm realy intrested in what she's saying and thinking becuase I'm intrested in her

    • Yea and he seemed really interested in the conversation. I felt like he actually cared what I was saying and was really listening to me. he was even using his hands to talk to me.


    • Your Welcome:) I'm glad girls notice when a guy makes an effort to show he's intrested, did he touch you aswell?

    • No he wasn't exrremely close to me I asked him soemthing and he was stading kind of farther away than a normal conversation

  • was he touching you with his hands? And your welcome btw. xx


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