Attracted by a boy's car?

I'm curious cause I've noticed lots of young boys fix their cars up and zip around town (its always been this way, I know). I assume they think its to draw attention of girls but it could be just for fun. So, do you girls get attracted by a guy's shiny souped-up car or do you just look at it like "boys and their toys" so it matters not to you? I've just always wondered the truth so thought I'd ask you guys.
  • I am turned on by a nice, fast car.
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  • I think its funny but that's all.
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  • I am turned off by the attention he gives his car.
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  • I don't really care, its the guy driving it that gets my motor running.
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  • Nah. I don't care about cars. Neither myself, nor my partner, own one. :)


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What Girls Said 5

  • I have a bit of a car fetish so I definitely get turned on by a nice car. I don't care what the guy looks like as long as the car roars.

    • Me too, few months ago went for a 2011 camaro ss, all I could afford with my student loans but it does roar! ;-)

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    • I know. Hey, maybe you could start a rescue shelter for poor, unwanted, neglected sports cars? Like, a Hot Rod Humane Society or something? Ah, what a noble cause! Now, there's something to devote your life to! ;-)

    • Oh hell yeah! that's the best thing anyone could ever do with their life!

  • I don't care what he's driving as long as its not a lemon. But when I see a guy with a hot looking car I do admire it. I know girls love sports cars (of course) but I personally like Mustangs.

  • Flaunting cars is douuucheeyyy

    As long as it works who cares?

  • Definitely D. :)

    I don't drive so it definitely works out better if the guy I'm dating has a car. I don't really care as long as it runs & we have seatbelts. And if a guy my age were driving a BMW, Lexus, Mercedes, etc. I would think he's way too into appearances & possessions instead of getting an education or something else that's invaluable.

    • I want a BMW!

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    • I bet if Elton John could afford it! :D

    • I bet he could, it would just hit his account more than an oil tycoon's... :-)

  • I don't hit on cars, no.

    • I want a Range Rover LOL.

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    • I know! I'd look pretty stupid pumping on and breathing into my phone! LOL

    • Hahaha

What Guys Said 5

  • Oh women, must Science show you the truth again! :D

    link - for a lolzy read

    link - for the actual facts.

    Now, don't get me wrong. OBVIOUSLY it's not going to be a deciding factor and obviously it's not true for all women, but the statistics show that for the average woman? Ya... men do appear more attractive in a more expensive car. So lolz.

    • Come to think of it, I did see a news special on that where they put men in different cars and clothes and whatnot and the guys in the expensive cars got much more attention and were rated as alpha males by strangers, men and women both. Interesting...

    • Science! Proving we're more shallow than we claim -_q

    • I know, its disconcerting ...

  • i like cars because they're cool, guys have 1 tracked minds however, so I'm either thinking about "my toys" or about girls or about work or w/e

    • Sorry, but I've seen w/e a couple of times and I have to say I don't know what it stands for. Can you enlighten me (I know I'm gonna feel dumb once I find out...)

    • whatever

    • Ahhhh, of course! I was thinking "week end" or something. Thanks!

  • great question man

  • science for the win

  • It only does so much...

    Anyways yes it does.

    I drive a really crappy car. When my car was in repair.

    I borowed my dad's new white sporty car. I get a lot of women looking at me.

    I am a good looking guy. Women flirt with me when I walk on the streets. BUT NOT IN MY OLD CRAP CAR.

    Oh well my crappy old ancient honda works fine and I got it for free... Can't win them ALL!

    Be thankful for what you have!

    • Hey, at least she'll love you for you! Or, maybe out of pity? LOL JK. I met my current girl years ago. I had a pontiac grand-am I had wrecked so it leaked and had mildew--smelled so bad! I would spray lysol under the seats and drive with the windows down for 2 hours before every date to get the smell down. And, she's still here so, there's hope! :-)

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