What do I talk with her without looking desperate?

I'm sitting in the cafeteria now and there is a girl on the table beside me who I'm attracted to. I want to approach her. What do I talk about with out looking desperate? Thanks.
If anyone from New York city wants to chat let me know because that's where I am :)


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  • Be nice, try to not show you're nervous, smile at her. Don't ask too much questions and try to find out things you both have in common in order to have a good conversation.

    • thanks, I think I blew it though as usual

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    • I explained it in the comments below. I have anxiety problems, I hate it. I can never keep up conversations for longer than a few minutes without getting very uncomfortable.

    • I have difficulties in keeping conversations too. So, you aren't the only one.

  • Just smile at her when she sits down at the table. I take it you know her name, so say her name & ask her how her day is going or something like that. Make a comment about some food item she's picked out. Talk about a mutual class, exam, assignment, teacher you have.

    Most of all: Just take a deep breath, relax & be yourself. :-)

    • Oh, you're at a university right now? O_O Say hey and introduce yourself. Ask her name & what she's studying. Keep it to small talk. Maybe ask her to borrow a pencil/piece of paper to initiate contact?

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    • I understand.

      Comment gone. Better?

    • thanks

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