Ok,so if a lot of your friends, both guys and girls, says that a girl that likes you is weird, that's not good

ok,so if a lot of your friends, both guys and girls, says that a girl that likes you is werid , that's not good, right?

cuz from last year this girl has like me, she's not the best looking in the world nor the worst kinda like slightly below the on the "looks scale". but is very sweet and playful ya'know

but my friends keep saying

"her?she's weird" and

"dude you can do better"

and what ever else.

i don't see her that often but when I do, she's all over me.

what should I do with her?

stay away from her?

a little help.


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  • if the worst thing about this girl is that people say she's "weird", then she must be okay. it's better than them saying something like she's a total snob, right? if you really like her, then you should go for it regardless of what your friends say. so stop worrying about them (I bet they've dated losers way worse than this girl anyways) and if they say that you can do better just because she isn't the most gorgeous girl in school, your friends are really shallow! pursue your own feelings, but if you honestly don't like her don't string her along.

    • Hm that's

      i probably should try and in to her more

      cuz she asked me out once before last year

      but I was with someone else(that girl didn't even want me to touch her to it ended...haha!)

      but yeah lets see thanks =D

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  • Um well.if you don't LIKE her that way then I probably would stay away from her as to not lead her on. Or you can just tell her you'd like to be friends, that way you don't hurt her. Or maybe you're friends are wrong and you should get to know her better. I mean, it's more likely you're going to do one of the first two that I mentioned, but I remember way back when (ok so maybe it was only about 5 years ago) but I met this guy and his friends said the same thing about me. And as the years went by, we got closer and I grew up and naturally my looks changed and now.we're dating. His friends still don't like me, but who gives a shit. (I'm not saying that about your friends). I mean maybe the girl really is weird, but if you don't think she's that bad, then give her a chance.even as friends.

  • whatever you do, don't be mean to her or shrug her off just cause your friends don't like her. that's really, really hurtful (trust me, I always get this from guys).

    if you don't like her, then just be polite to her, talk to her a little bit. be nice but drop subtle hints that you're just not into her like that. you might just make a new friend, and there's no reason for your friends to object.

    if you do like her, just go for it. your friends will get over it eventually. and if they dont, f*** them.

  • I think if you're going to continue to let your friends influence your feelings and the way you treat her, you should do both of you a favor and leave her alone. Don't string the poor girl around. If you do really like her, you should treat her like you would any girl. Who cares what your friends think if YOU like her. You don't need a approval from your friends to do everything.


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  • Look if you like this girl as lot, see her as girlfriend material, ignore what your friends think and go for her. Its how you feel atrracted to her that counts. What one person finds unattractive, another may find beautiful. Some women may not find you attractive, you see what I mean. So go for her if you like her.

    If you don't like her, don't want her as a friend, don't lead her on cos you may end up breaking her heart. Don't hurt her whatever you do.

    If you want her purely as a friend and she is ok with that, say to her politely that you like her as a friend and mention the word friends a bit so that she is clear on where you both stand. If she is happy to be friends she will hang out with you just as that, otherwise she will move on herself.

  • Your friends opinions shouldnt matter to your decision. Do whatever you want, don't let your friends ruin something. If you want her, tell your friends to back off with the comments, if you don't like her, then just show her that your not interested. Whatever you do, don't join in on the funmaking because it makes you look bad.