Alternative styles of dress and being judged?

I've come to this...revelation recently, that women in particular have a problem with the way I dress. Either they won't look me in the eye at all or they'll glare at me. Now, I'm not a part of any real fashion style in specific, or subculture for that matter, but I do find myself inspired at times by Gothic and/or Lolita and or/aristocrat fashions. So I'm curious, what is wrong with the way I dress, with the things I like? I'm always quite modest in my choices, I prefer my clothing to cover and highlight, no short skirts, low tops, tight clothing for me. True, I look unusual, but I really deserve the looks I get? Especially when there are girls all around me who are practically in their underwear? ://Or are they merely jealous of my top hat? Haha.


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  • Girls usually feel uncomfortable around those who don't conform to the normal style. Where I am that is abercrombie and hollister clothing. I'm a ganjiro gyaru and sometimes I get weird looks from girls but get stares from guys (in a good way) so I think that makes up for a few WTF looks ;) I find the most awesome stuff in thrift shops or on etsy and love anything romantic or somewhat hippie. Plus gyaru eye makeup is ridiculously flattering. Do what you like with your style, have fun! Others are just jealous they don't have the balls or ovaries to wear something odd and fun. I love the top hat, it must look so good on you! I couldn't pull it off but you go girl :)

    • Ahhh! You're awesome. :)

      I've gotten about 75% of what I wear at thrift shops and on Etsy. They always have the most interesting stuff. :)

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    • Yeaaaaaah, of course :)

      Out of curiosity, what materials are you planning on using for your 3D nail art? I've always wondered what exactly they are made of.

    • Well first I'm buying some fimo slices, rhinestones, half fake pearls, and small metallic microbeads. They are tiny, like 1mm. I'm going to start with those practicing on my nails. And buying some more nail polish colors :) after I get decent I'm going to buy fake nails from the drugstore and paint them. I like the medium length oval ones and most sellers seem to use them on etsy. Eventually I may buy some small cabochons no wider than 1cm to make more elaborate nails. Those are more expensive.

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  • As a guy, I would think girls would do that to girls who look different than the norm.

    • Possibly. Probably. I'm not really used to girls beyond my own sisters, so I wouldn't know really. I've never judged anybody who looked 'different'. I've always admired them for being so bold :/

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    • Haha. Yeaaah, the looks from guys are really flattering, I must admit. It's kind of creepy when they guys are old enough to be my father/grandfather, though.

    • lmao... yeah... that would be creepy. but all power to you. knock those guys out =P

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  • There is nothing wrong with how you dress. And if I were giving you a glare, yes, it would be because I'm jealous of your top hat. A lot of girls dress, well, bad these days. Gothic Lolita, and it's subcategories, are pretty and pretty is much better than being practically in underwear. Some are probably upset that you make a more profound presence than they do. Looking different is a good thing. Keep looking gorgeous :)


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