Girls, what are you top 8 beauty tips/secrets?

I know a lot of people are very secretive about how they take care of themselves physically.

I don't mind sharing mine at all and I would love to hear yours as well!

So these are mine:

1) Once a week, I use baking soda. Also, after drinking coffee, I always rinse my mouth out with water. This keeps my teeth uberwhite! lol

2) I put lotion on like 5 times a day. It keeps my skin super soft.

3) I always wear sunscreen. It keeps from sun spots.

4) I don't wear foundation or powder. This keeps my skin clear and smooth.

5) I wash my face twice a day with Neutrogena soap bar.

6) I exercise 6 times a week for about 1 1/2.

7) I eat very healthy and organic as well.

8) Anddddd the best one of all... lol..

People always wonder how I keep such healthy and shiny hair: I wash my hair every other day, I use Herbal Essences Conditioner, and Paul Mitchell "Super Skinny hair serum" after showering. I also use it before and after straightening my hair, which I don't do often at all. (works amazingly!)

Your turn!



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  • -I use matrix hair products, and use heat protector before styling my hair.

    -I use prescription topical acne medication, so I don't get pimples ever

    -I whiten my teeth every two months or so with white strips

    -I don't exercise, and I don't have to. I'm naturally thin

    -I always put on lotion directly after showering, the body shop's strawberry body butter smells amazing and keeps my skin glowing all day

    -I use a clinique highlighter on my cheek bones, and put NARS deep throat bulsh underneath, it makes my whole face light up

    -I use Vichy skincare, & dove soap when I shower

    -I exfoliate my face & body every day to make sure my skin stays soft.


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